Repair- and maintenance-services of SMART Boards and other technical devices

Emergency support for urgent problems, online-support and purchase advice

Presentations, further education and creation of media for themes such as optimised usage of technical devices and internet security

Individual development and management of websites

Production of individual recordings, videos, etc. with professional equipment

Support by set-ups of technical devices such as desktop-PCs, Smartphones or Tablets

Instagram: @t.taskforce_mainz

01573 7889916

Design and printing of specialised parts

Our online presence is very diverse. On many different channels you will […]
We want to follow the important call of @iwjuniorggmbh  and show how […]
he Technik TaskForce consists of 9 founding members with additional 2 in-form tutors. In the meantime, another employee and 9 trainees have joined in. As the most important bodies...

Stand des Unternehmens, Unternehmenstruktur und Dienstleistungen (21. Februar 2021)

State of the company, company structure and services (February 21, 2021)

État de l’entreprise, structure de l’entreprise et services    (21 février 2021)

Stan firmy, struktura firmy i usługi                                          (21 lutego 2021)

Estado de la empresa, estructura societaria y servicios (21 de febrero de 2021)

Состояние компании, структура компании и услуги (21 февраля 2021 г.)


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Technik TaskForce – a student company

We are a group of students at the episcopal Willigis-Gymnasium in Mainz. A few years ago, we began taking care of the maintenance of the technical devices at our school extracurricularly. As time went by, we became a contact for both teachers and students. Now, we have transformed this engagement into a business model and registered the newly founded student company “Technik TaskForce” in the expert program from the “IW JUNIOR” to develop a solid, supported and secure structure.

IW Junior

The JUNIOR programs are an offer from the “Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln JUNIOR gemeinnützige GmbH”. The JUNIOR programs are promoted on federal level by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Gesamtmetall, the Deloitte Foundation, AXA, Barclaycard, Citigroup and AT&T.