repair- and maintenance-services of SMART Boards and other technical devices

emergency support for urgent problems, online-support and purchase advice

presentations, further education and creation of media for themes such as optimised usage of technical devices and internet security

individual development and management of websites

production of individual recordings, videos, etc. with professional equipment

support by set-ups of technical devices such as desktop-PCs, Smartphones or Tablets

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Design and printing of specialised parts

Preliminary price list and services:

Website Development

We offer three different design options for the Websites designed by us individually according to your wishes. The different categories are subdivided according to the workload and quality of the websites. Exclusively for members there is up to 20% discount for each model! All models offer well-designed and stable websites; however, we recommend companies with corporate designs rather the upper classes to maintain the dynamics of the site. Despite our position as a student company, we strive for the highest professionalism that you can expect from us in full form! We are happy to support managing and setting up e.g. a domain! Since we do not have servers on a large scale, we are unfortunately not able to permanently host on our part, but for cost-effective advice and set-up, nonetheless.



10% member discount

The Basic option is the simplest option, but not a bad choice. It is particularly suitable for providing targeted and above all clear information, as well as for making it easier to use. As you can see from the example page, our student council website, there is still a lot of technical know-how behind it. Extras such as e.g. a slider are included.



10% member discount

The Expert option is a middle ground. You rely on a good to very good design in connection with clear information presentation or simply want the best price-performance ratio? This compromise and comfort is offered by the Expert version. As in all categories, stability and extra functions are offered in the best possible way.



20% member discount

The deluxe option is best suited for a spectacular web appearance. You can expect the same level that this website brings. Many features and especially a conceptual design are standard in this category. Do you want to give your company a modern and impressive appearance? Then the deluxe option is your choice!

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We offer a multitude of different workshops and further educations. They can be, besides the given examples, customised to your needs and include e.g. the production of lasting media, which, at later point, can be used as guideline for the usage of the learned.

Internet security

A workshop on dangers on the Internet, protection measures, an insight into password security and ways to make surfing even safer. Especially in times of the Internet of things it is important to prepare

iPad/Tablet admission

Do you have a group that has to re-enter into the iPad or tablet (also notebook) area? We clarify and help with the setup, but above all we offer the optimized and perfected use e.g. by means of programs.

Presenting correctly

In a more digital world, much more digital presentation skills are being used. You have a project and would like to make it known in the media? We offer examples of ways to guarantee a good appearance on a permanent basis.